Posted on December 12, 2018


I realize that this can be a frustrating occurrence. Redline Sidewinder Power Driver Posted: We highly recommend this procedure. I’ve never sold anything on-line so I may need some help All fixed gear Cessna from up without wheel pants.

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Then we can discuss how you want me to send it and how you want to pay me. Here are two of my lower situations that impressed me: You heavy Baron drivers, may want to take a close look at the flexibility this could give you in your hangar as well as while traveling.

Sidewinder for Cirrus Aircraft | REDLINE AVIATION – Personal Aircraft Accessories

Please specify your aircraft model when ordering. Let’s see how many minutes this lasts before it’s sold.

I’ve never sold anything on-line so I may need some help I realize that this can be a frustrating occurrence. The current V28 series is fully warranted for a period of 2 years or charging cycles against any defects. Selling my Bonanza and don’t need it anymore Redline’s Revolutionary Powered Tug: Matt, I’d take it if Parker doesn’t.


I know the feeling.

In the next paragraph, they recommend that the battery be stored at “room temperature”. I’ll be dipped, the Sidewinder pulled the nose up that conventional car ramp with just my buddy exerting some force on one main. Woah, these things are in demand!

I start to squeeze and he begins applying some rolling force to the right main wheel. Display posts from previous: Powerful and portable, the Sidewinder will forever change the way you move your aircraft. Redline Sidewinder Power Driver. So I said, OK, we’ll try yeah right.

I have a buyer and 3 backup buyers, thanks everyone for the interest and sorry for those who found this widewinder the buyer.

Redline Sidewinder Power Driver Posted: But, you can’t take one of those gas tugs with you on a trip and the Sidewinder will never ask you for gas, oil, spark plugs or a rubber belt. I almost bought it before I realized I already have on. Switch to mobile redpine.

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If you read the Milwaukee literature posted above that was included with your Sidewinder, it states that the tool can be used and the battery can be charged in conditions down to -4 F.


Pm sent, but man I typed slow!

I happen to have one that will be for sale in the next week. My B55 was full fuel and my Sidewinder battery was full fuel also.

I shut down at the end of my hangar row one day to let the Cessna guy finish loading and come out. Well anyway, he has this tiny jewelers pinpoint torch and needed some additional clearance under the nose gear brace to get poower good working angle.

Send me a PM with your address and I can calculate the shipping. Must be a slow night on BT.

Vectors To Final: Redline Sidewinder

Duke, Baron and Husky. Make offer Call me Rick or e-mail ricmcd yahoo. Rather than get jacks and the tail stand, he goes and gets this car ramp and he says, “get your Sidewinder out and lets get this nose wheel up onto the ramp. Made in the USA using Chromoly material.