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We have seen problems with calibration in this mode when using FC15 which has been upgraded to latest Gnome Display Manager such that after the first calibration point is touched the calibration screen disappears. It can be used to view stylus input from single and multi-touch devices. Why a portfolio music career is right for you. All of UPDD can be controlled from this panel. If possible send us a copy so they can be utilised in future installations.

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Should work for release If Max is not binding to portclose anything that may already be using port e. Also beware the halfway-house situation where your UPDD touchscreen is pretending to be the system mouse as it readily doesand you’ve configured Whisker to respond to mouse input rather than properly configuring its touchscreens.

Touch aware applications There are many ways to drive an application via touch. Each X session running will receive pointer movements and click requests which might not be desirable as you will not know what is being hpdd in the toucy, background, X sessions. The Click Mode should have “Extended touch” disabled for non-primary monitors according to the UPDD helpand should probably be set to “Click tuoch drag”:.

UPDD driver and touchscreen

For Linux you can run the driver from a terminal console and view the debug log messages or redirect them to a file. This will allow, for example, calibration data otuch be created from a calibrated system, placed in the custom file, and used in subsequent installs.

The sequence of steps to determine whether we are controlling the touch device are: The driver will be placed on our download server, and a link will be emailed to you, so you can access the driver. youch


UPDD supported single and multi-touch hardware. The driver will be reloaded and in debug mode.

Touch-Base – Support

Learn more about our privacy policy. Creative Routines via Info We Trust. Removal of the driver must be performed as the “root” user.

Check interface components If the system is configured to use one of the standard interface input methods to post touch data into the system ensure that the required components are present.

Occasionally we would like to view the raw data received ypdd the controller. These scripts provide tailoring of the default package to the specific requirements of a given distribution.

This has scgeen necessary on systems using the TWM window manager. System Requirements The driver runs in user space and is not a kernel mode driver and therefore does not have any dependency on a specific version of the kernel. Difficult to reproduce or to identify UPDD problems sometimes require a debug trace to be captured.

Multi-Touch with Mac OS and Max

Both elements will output debug information if the Debug Level is set to 5. If using a library interface it is important that the underlying touch event is satisfied by one of the UPDD touch interfaces or the touch event will not be satisfied. Issues with full screen inside Windows Manager When requesting full screen via the WM with some Linux distributions, virtualized environments or certain visual effect settings cannot handle the method used by our graphical calibration program to force full screen with unpredictable results.


As the title of this blog suggests, I pride myself on being a working musician.

Multi-Touch with Mac OS and Max

If possible send us a copy udpd they can be utilised in future installations. In addition to our driver offering we also make available, free of charge, a fully comprehensive software development kit SDK. Should you need to purchase licensed versions direct from Touch-Base more information is available here.

Indicates the startup method utilised by upvd default installation script. If requested, please supply a debug trace as described below in the debug section.

If this is set too fast it may be impossible to produce a double click. The Linux input stack. Please note that in most cases the advice in this document applies to our version 4. In some areas of the Linux menu system we have found that unless the updc is moved to the position of the click the click is ignored, such as the 2 nd level of menus from the Application start menu option:.

Multi-monitor consideration When using uinput in a multi-monitor configuration we announce an axis in the full range needed to cover all the configured monitors and then send touch events to the co-ordinate range appropriate to the monitor position. Libraries used by the driver. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience.